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Service Segment:

The services rendered by IGG Services (P) Limited have applications in various areas. Following is a brief list of application areas:

Civil Engineering

Dam Safety

Dredging & Desilting Monitoring

Mining exploration

Reservoir Sedimentation


Ground Water

Environmental Impact Assessments

Road Condition Evaluation

Topographic Surveys

Vibration Monitoring

Engineering Geology

GIS Services
Civil Engineering:
All large projects of civil engineering like dams, tunnels, high rise buildings, transmission towers, power houses, underground structures, airports etc., require precise information of subsurface, like overburden thickness, profile of bedrock, quality and strength of foundation etc. Traditionally boreholes drilled at regular intervals provided this information. However, in complex geology, this discrete information at times is insufficient. Geophysical methods provide quick, economical and continuous information on the area of study, and considerably reduce the drilling budget and remove ambiguity to a large extent.
  • Foundation Studies- dams, towers, bridges, high rise buildings,
  • Bedrock Properties & Overburden Mapping
  • Tunnel Route Investigations

Dam Safety:
Dams are pride of civil engineers. Built for various benefits like power generation, irrigation, these are structures costing a huge amount of money, and are meant to serve for long periods. For various reasons, there is degradation of dam structures with time, and a precise insight into them, can help design rehabilitation package. By virtue of being non-invasive and non-destructive, geophysics plays an important role in studying dams, to detect degradation, loose pockets, sink holes, and other problems.
  • Non Invasive inspection of dams
  • Leakage path detection
  • Sink Hole Mapping
  • Concrete degradation determination
  • Pre-grouting & post-grouting monitoring

Dredging & Desilting Monitoring:
Dredging is regularly carried out at ports, lakes and rivers to remove accumulated silt and sediments. The services rendered by IGGS help identifying various layers of sediments, determination of level of compaction and dredging monitoring.
  • Dredging quantity determination
  • Dredging quality monitoring
  • Pre-dredging evaluation of sedimentís properties

Mining exploration:
  • Ore body mapping
  • Rippability/ excavability studies
  • Slope stability studies
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Ground water studies

Reservoir Sedimentation:
  • Bathymetry & Topographic surveys
  • Area-Capacity curve & Contour maps
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Future predictions

  • Pipeline route studies
  • Vessel positioning services
  • Foundation studies

Ground Water:
  • Ground water Investigations
  • Ground water modeling
  • Water contamination studies

Road Condition Evaluation:
  • Subsurface settlement studies
  • Precise determination of thickness of various layers
  • Quality control & vigilance

Topographic Surveys:
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Road, railways, canal alignment surveys
  • River, reservoir surveys

GIS Services:
  • Agriculture and Soil resources
  • Landuse/Land cover/Land Degradation
  • Forest

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